My poems were in the trees at Westonbirt September, October and November 2017.

Photo of the Japanese Maple that inspired the poem ‘September Slows’ by Marchant Barron.
September Slows - written for the start of the Silkwood Trail
Hear This - written for this grove of wingnuts
Smoulder - written for this field maple
Tanglefoot - written for this horsechestnut
Hallowed - written for the yew shelterbelt
Ode from the Oak to the Ironwood
A Seasoned Lover - written for this smoke bush
Beech Book - written for this beech
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My poems were written for specific trees at Westonbirt Aboretum shown in these photographs taken earlier this year. I had to envisage them in Autumn, sprayed in colours that bleed to the earth.

If you click on a photo, or one of the links below, my poem will be revealed.