Evolving the Forest

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Evolving the Forest in 2019 was the first international symposium about the forest and how we live with trees. This incredible event series was held at Dartington Hall in Devon.

I showcased my new poem, 'The Guardians of Dartington', placed among four striking Spanish Chestnuts. At the symposium, I also exhibited 'Hear This' and a new version of 'Beech Book'.

Spanish Chestnuts - photo by Tom Joliffe

I was very lucky to have had this opportunity; thank you to The Dartington Hall Trust and to the Symposium - Evolving the Forest. Also thanks to Oliver Raymond Barker for the fantastic photos included in the slider (1, 2, 4, 5, 6 & 8) and thanks to Tom Jolliffe for the wonderful photo of these ancient chestnuts (above).

Below are videos of my poems 'Beech Book' and 'Hear This', while birds provide an enchanting soundtrack.


'Beech Book'


'Hear This'


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